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There is an old saying, ‘Life is a journey, it’s not where you end up but its how you get there’ we often adapt this thread to problem solving – sometimes you need to use one marketing channel, sometimes you need a few, and on occasion you need a lot.

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Our Services

light-hydrovaneWe are able to pull a ‘toolkit’ of services together that create the right mix of disciplines to tackle any business issue, so rather than limiting what we can offer you by claiming ‘specialist’ status we can offer them all. A snapshot of our services includes:

  • Advertising, online and offline campaigns
  • Design, for print and online design
  • Website design, build and management
  • Smartphone and web application development
  • Digital Marketing, SEO and Adwords campaigns
  • Branding/corporate identity and guidelines
  • Direct marketing, results & response driven campaigns
  • Social media campaigns, management
  • Consultancy, planning & strategy
  • Project management
  • PR campaign development and management
  • Online film & video production
  • Digital Signage – provision of hardware and content to your Point of Sale

Web Development

drupalAn essential ingredient of today’s marketing mix is Online. We specialise in three highly sought after Web Frameworks – Drupal, WordPress and Rails – to ensure that your message and premise is carried through to the digital domain.

  • The Rails Framework enables us to build desktop-like applications that can be shared worldwide in the browser – be it the browser on the desktop, the iPad or your mobile phone
  • Drupal provides an effective and extensible Content Management System that is highly configurable to a client’s requirements, from microsite to Enterprise.
  • Content Delivery Network [CDN] integration enables fast on-demand delivery of bandwidth-hungry content such as video
  • Responsive Design – now your site looks as good and does as much on mobile devices as well as desktop
  • Our choice of framework largely negates any sandbox effect [delayed indexing] with Google for new sites and domains
  • Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] is built in at code level, incorporating state-of-the-art semantic analysis to link your content naturally, driving Search Engine and audience engagement
  • Extensive wireframing and user experience design occurs before we begin to write code
  • Modular architecture, protecting your investment well into the future
  • Agile Development – code is written and refactored, then reiterated quickly
  • Comprehensive Software Project Management ensures software projects are delivered on time and on-budget without scope creep
  • Totally managed servers and secure atomic configurations

Digital Signage

Elevate Studio offers Digital Signage Networks for retail environments, both Interactive and Non-Interactive.

Elevate can provide turnkey solutions for Digital Signage implementation:

  • Hardware selection and integration
  • Software – Network and Content Control Management software
  • Content – video, feeds and interactive content

Form factors range from widescreen to iPad kiosks, serving as an information and Point of Sale terminal.

Interactive Digital Signage gives your customers what they want, helping them find information about your products and services at their own pace, driving leads, increasing sales.
Start up costs can be offset by attracting revenue streams from your existing suppliers by encouraging them to take advertising slots on your network.

Benefits of Digital Signage

  • Engage customers, drive sales through special offers
  • Dispense with leaflets and brochures
  • Revenue streams from your suppliers taking advertising slots
  • Educate and inform new products, new techniques

Full management and Reporting

All of our systems are robustly managed in the cloud, using management interfaces accessible from any browser.

iOS and Android App Development

True, native, and engaging mobile apps built for iOS and Android.

Elevate Studio can take your needs or requirements and turn it into a full function native app available for download by your customers on the Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores.

One thing that sets us apart from other mobile developers is the provision of a Drupal CMS to support and provide content for your app.

Content from the Drupal CMS flows to the app in real time; news, feeds, geolocation, product information, shop inventory and more – all are available and immediately updatable from your CMS.